Bogota is a multicultural city, so big that everyone finds a place to feel comfortable here.

In Bogota, incredible things happen at every corner. If you walk around the downtown area, you will be able to find street artists of all kinds, if you go a bit north, in Chapinero, you will find the city’s best restaurants and parties. Here, you can hike up a mountain and watch the whole city landscape, go shopping and dance to reggaeton, all in one day.

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If we had to choose the perfect place to start a night of partying, it would be Chapinero. In this neighborhood, mixing tradition and modernity, you will find museums and bastions of the city’s architectural history such as the Lourdes church; you will also be able to enjoy its nightlife: the best restaurants, bars, and concert venues are here.

Chapinero has a wide commercial area with bookstores, shopping malls, and local and independent brand stores. You will find the entire city’s cultural scene here.

Places you can’t miss in this neighborhood:

  • Odem. Its two atmospheres allow you to switch between electronic music and the crossover hits of the moment. Additionally, you can enjoy the view of the Lourdes Park from its terrace, with specialty cocktails and Guerrero burgers.
  • Lourdes Park. One of the city’s emblematic parks. You can take pleasure in the gothic architecture of its cathedral, drink a coffee at the traditional San Fermín bakery, or drink a beer in one of the bars around it.
  • Wilborada. Chapinero is full of bookstores, and Wilborada is one of the prettiest. Located in one of the traditional Quinta Camacho houses, its classic architecture contrasts with modern additions and it has a great catalog of universal literature. Besides, the coffee is delicious!
  • La valija de fuego (The fire suitcase). It’s an alternative bookstore, in every sense of the word. Here you can find a great variety of independent publishers from Colombia and the whole world, in topics that span from literature all the way to feminist theory, as well as a section of secondhand books. Here, you will also find notebooks, CDs, stickers, posters, and the work of local emerging artists.
  • Amen Ramen + El chino Dim Sum. Asian food lover? These restaurants, which apart from being brothers are also neighbors, offer you a big menu full of Eastern delicacies, both to share and in individual dishes. All of this accompanied by a great atmosphere and delicious cocktails.
  • Insurgentes (Rebels). Grab a seat by the bar so you can see how they cook the al pastor meat from up close, and fill up on tacos in the process!
  • El Chamán. Hidden right in the heart of Chapinero you’ll find El Chamán, a small and cozy bar with live music (independent bands from Bogota), good beer, and a nice, rustic decoration. Try the empanadas!
  • Pollería La Cósmica. La Cósmica’s success lies in its simple concept, a menu with 4 to 5 options guarantees the quality and flavor of its chicken sandwiches in an establishment that merges a neighborhood-store style with the design of a modern restaurant. There is never bad music down there.
  • Matik Matik. Do you want an alternative experience that mixes partying, artisanal cocktails, and local band gigs? Matik Matik is the place for you!

La Candelaria is a great cultural center. You can find museums, underground parties, theaters, live music, bookstores, handicrafts, and plenty of secondhand shops. Additionally, many universities are located in this neighborhood, making it a very youthful area, with a great energy to share between tourists and locals.

Places you can’t miss in this neighborhood:

  • Gold museum. One of the city’s top tourist attractions. Come here to learn about the use that the Pre-Columbian indigenous communities gave to gold and be amazed by its modern and cozy design.
  • A seis manos (With six hands). Great spot for partying. Their event calendar includes CD swaps, design markets, and cultural exchanges with people from all over the world. It’s one of the favorite places among foreign tourists who visit La Candelaria.
  • Madre (Mother). This restaurant is not easy to find, and that makes it much more special. Once you discover this gem, you will be able to enjoy one of the city’s most delicious pizzas. The mixture between a very well-maintained design, good lighting, and cocktails make this a must-visit restaurant.
  • Chorro de Quevedo. This is a meeting point for tourists and college students who want to relax by drinking a beer and listening to storytellers. Don’t miss the fountain, it has been recently restored!
  • Plaza de Bolívar. It’s Bogota’s heart and the point where all the downtown roads lead to. Enjoy the view of the cathedral or buy a bag of corn to feed the pigeons and feel like a true ‘Bogotano’.
  • Balzac Bookstore & Café. You can go to Balzac and spend an entire afternoon looking through titles and talking to the owner about books, or head up to the beautiful café on the second floor and eat a delicious dessert.

What used to be a distant town you could only reach by train, is now the financial center of the city, which, of course, is surrounded by a great variety of bars and restaurants of all kinds of gastronomy.

Here, houses built hundreds of years ago share the landscape with enormous buildings full of executives. But the hustle and bustle of the week disappears on Sundays, giving way to a calm atmosphere, with handcrafts markets, independent films, and even storytellers at the area’s central park.

Places you can’t miss in this neighborhood:

  • Usaquén Plaza. Heading to the Usaquén Plaza is the perfect plan for a Sunday afternoon. You can listen to the storytellers at the main park. And if you get bored, you can spend the afternoon in one of the bars around it.
  • Bícono. If you are a hamburger fan, this restaurant is a mandatory stop in your trip.
  • Cinema Paraíso. Do you like independent films? Sink in its famous red sofas and enjoy one of the many seasons that Cinema Paraíso has to offer.
  • Beirut. Go to Beirut with your friends and sit down and enjoy the freshly baked bread and the Middle Eastern delicacies on Beirut’s menu.
  • Boho Market.

The perfect spot if you want to go shopping or partying in a more elegant atmosphere. In just a few blocks, you will find the best restaurants and the cities top bars, as well as international beer pubs to pass the time.

In this area, which you can explore by foot, there are several shopping malls with exclusive brands and designer brands, famous internationally.

Places you can’t miss in this neighborhood:

  • Shopping malls: Andino, Atlantis Plaza and El Retiro. These three shopping malls, just a few blocks away from each other, gather the best national and international brands for your shopping sprees.
  • Andrés D.C. It’s the city version of Andrés Carne de Res. 5 floors of party and with several atmospheres, cocktails, theater groups that interact with the customers, and very good typical food.
  • Armando Records. Armando is one of the city’s most popular bars. What started out as a small terrace to spend the afternoon at, is now a giant bar with an electronic music dancefloor and another one for crossover music, a concert hall, and a restaurant.
  • Sánchez. With just a few months running, Sánchez has already become one of the best pubs in Bogota. You can enjoy a live concert from local bands with craft beer, ping pong tables, and a delicious fast food menu. Our recommendation? Tacos with ‘Gulupa’ (a fruit) beer!

Bogota’s art district. Until very recently, it was just a residential area, however, little by little, city artists have moved their workshops and galleries there.

San Felipe is north of Chapinero. During the day, you can spend some time outdoors in one of its parks or take a tour of the art galleries. In the night, you can get dinner or party; or enjoy the Open San Felipe, an event that is held periodically in which galleries and artists open their workshops to the public.

Places you can’t miss in this neighborhood:

  • KB – Space for culture. Kb is divided into three: an art gallery, a bar, and a restaurant who always guarantees delicious food and an alternative party in which you will always have fun.
  • Art galleries. In San Felipe you will be able to see the work of Colombian artists. Our recommended galleries are: Sgr galería, Flora ARS + Natura, Sketch Gallery, and Instituto de visión.